Letters #1

I have known him for more than four years. But sometimes when I look into his eyes, there is something familiar yet so strange. 

He loves me. That I know as much, he tells me that everyday. And yet I feel my love feels so immature compared to his. His love is protective, patient and kind. I think he has an old beautiful mind that sometimes I cannot grasp.  A love that I don’t understand and understand. 

But I think I like that he is a mystery and a familiarity. I want to take time and know more about him. 

A Little Gray Area

I used to keep a different WordPress page. It’s full of fictional stories and poems. I guess you can say that my style was something out of a children’s storybook. My muse however had left me and my inspirations had stopped for more than a year now. I still try to write once in a while, but my imagination is no longer as grand as before.

Someone told me maybe because my preferences, or I myself had changed and so I won’t be able to write fiction anymore. I still like to runaway into worlds of fiction. It’s  just that I cannot create my own anymore.

I like to think I am the same person one year ago. Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Or both, a troublesome little gray area. Either way, I write what I can. 

Thank you for visiting my page.