I am a Bad Writer

Lately I have been going to essays.ph to earn a little money. It’s a website which hires freelance writers. As a writer you can write articles depending on your taste. Not only articles, but you can also get ebook writing jobs.
I have been writing articles for almost two weeks now. To my great sadness, I have only been getting rejected.  The common comments of the editors were “typos, awkward sentence construction and grammar lapses.”

I can excuse myself and say that I have not been writing officially for two years. (And by officially, here I meant under any publication.) But that lapse is still my fault. My skills have slipped. Or maybe I am not as good in writing as I thought I am.

I still love writing. It has always been my primary mode of expression. It’s just sad that I am bad at doing what I love. 

Maybe I am a bad writer. But that’s alright. I will still write not for the money, not for the editors but for me.  I will not stay as a bad writer all my life. If I work hard and practice I am bound to get better. As Janet Hulstrand once said “Bad writing precedes good writing. It is an infallible rule. So do not try to avoid it.” 

Bad writer or not I will write. I will write as I breathe. 

Photo retrieved from: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5698207


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